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Since 1993, list members have been enthusiastic contributors and participants on the Internet Foodwine List. We've met many people around this virtual dinner table, and we cherish the good friends, food suggestions, and wine comments that the list members share.

When list members get together in real time and space, it's called a "Foodstock". Meeting in person adds another dimension! One of the earliest and largest Foodstocks to date took place in Austin, Texas on November 18, 1995 at the Fonda San Miguel restaurant when over 40 list members attended.


Here's a description of the list from our esteemed listowner, Elliott. Feel free to pull up a chair at our virtual table, and know that you will have fellow Foodwine members who will join you in cyberspace or in whatever city you find yourself — any excuse for a Foodstock.

"FOODWINE is for serious, but not pedantic, discussion of food, beverages, and related concerns. Consider the list as a discussion around a very large table among people who like to discuss food: the talk may become passionate and even off-topic sometimes, but always returns to the topic. People drop in and drop out. And with a group like this, down-home and common food of all areas is as much a part of the conversation as gourmet food."

To subscribe to FoodWine, send a blank email to FOODWINE-subscribe-request@LS2.CMICH.EDU