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Cyberfeasts #11 features a wonderful seafood chowder from the Mysterious Marsha.

Cyberfeasts Foodcast #10 features a warming Mulligatawany Soup from Terry.

Cyberfeasts Foodcast #9 features recipes for a simple and satisfying Onion Soup from Bob Pastorio and a traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe from Lyn in San Antonio.

Cyberfeasts Foodcast #8 features recipes for a Traditional Mexican Christmas Eve Salad and a host of delightful  herbal vinegars.

Cyberfeasts Foodcast #7 recipes included Bob Pastorio's Eggnog, a Ginger Rosemary Cookie Bar, and a seasonal Fruitcake from Wendy.

Cyberfeasts Foodcast #6 recipes include Double Cherry Double Chocolate Cookies, Gingerbread, and Holiday Drinks

Cyberfeasts Foodcast #5 recipes includes this easy, seasonal favorite from Lyn, Cranberry Pie.

Cyberfeasts Foodcast #4 recipes include a Foodwine List favorite, Terry's Make Ahead Turkey Gravy, and a wonderful recipe from Wendy for Sweet Potatoes with Ginger.

Cyberfeasts Foodcast #3 featured many wonderful recipes, one from Bob Pastorio for versatile Cream of Anything Soup and one from Terry for delicious Gorgonzola, Grape And Nut CrostiniWhile you're looking, try Terry's recipe for Goat Cheese, Asian Pear, And Baby Greens In Sherry Dijon Vinaigrette. Well, slurp!

Other Recipes from Terry from that Foodcast:
Basil Crusted Veal Chops
Wildly Inauthentic Crustless Potato Knishes
Broccoli Trees with Parmesan And Lemon
Coeur A La Creme With Raspberry And Grand Marnier Sauce

Cyberfeasts FoodCast #2 featured this fall-themed recipe for pumpkin soup from long-time list member Lyn Belisle.

Lyn's Spicy Pumpkin Soup with Mexican Cream

Welcome to the Recipe Archives for the Cyberfeasts Foodcast. You'll find recipes from the Podcast and from listmembers here. To start us off, here's one of the most popular Foodwine List recipes. It appeared in our first cookbook, Cyberfeasts and Foodstocks. The recipe comes from Dan Graham, our Podcast master. Its chatty tone reflects the fun and informality our members share when discussing food.

Dan Graham's Leek and Stilton Soup