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Shownotes #11 - Chowder Power and More

This is our winter warmer show, chowder, coffee, tea, good wine, what else would you need to warm up in the winter but somebody to cuddle with.

The Mysterious Marsha delivers a mouth watering Catch of the Sea chowder.

Penny offers delicious wine suggestions to go with the chowder and Tina brings us some winter salad ideas, it should all meld together beautifully.

Susan, who runs the shop Java Mama in Toronto, has a lot to say about the joys of coffee and even roasting her own. The web site she refers to where she gets some green coffee beans from is sweetmarias.com.

The interview with Jim Harran of Simpson & Vale teas is wonderful, and so are their teas. You can find them at svteas.com.

Hoping your winter is warm and wonderful,

Dan Graham
Host and carrot peeler

Shownotes #10 - More Winter Warming

So many good things this time. Rob tells us about corked wine, we hope nobody ever gets any, of course.

Terry shares a wonderful winter warming soup with us, and Penny offers a wine suggestion to accompany it.

Mike takes us on a granola journey, from the simple to variations that are fascinating and delicious.

We play more of Anne Louise Bannon's interview with Shirley Courrier where we learn about the Zen of chicken breasts and how to commit, or avoid committing, vegecide.

Tina declaims on how to age wine, and which wines should be aged and which drunk within hours of getting them home from the store.

And...our contest continues because we did not get any correct answers last time. The prize is one of the cookbooks produced on the 10th anniversary of the foodwine list. It has a large number of delicious recipes from all over. We will randomly draw from all the emails containing correct answers to our 3 questions. Here are the questions:

1. Which color of m&m has been tried and rejected by the public several times?

2. Where did the phrase, "Don't upset the apple cart," originate?

3. In 408 CE, the Visigoths saked Rome and demanded a ransom, as part of it, they demanded what culinary item?

Send your answers to foodcast@cyberfeasts.com, and you might be the winner of the cookbook.

We do hope you enjoy these foodcasts. Feel free to ask questions, make comments or just chat to our email, foodcast@cyberfeasts.com.

Until next time, take care, take chocolate,

Dan Graham
Host and prime rib taster

Shownotes #9 - Warm Comfort

Between a delicious onion soup recipe and hot chocolate, we have wonderful and warm liquids this time.

The soup is simplicity itself Bob Pastorio's Onion Soup

The hot chocolate is thick and rich, it is a traditional Mexican hot drink for chilly winter evenings.

Never enough of a good thing? Anne Louise Bannon brings us the Cyberfeasts News on cloning and the FDA. For more info:



Karen brings us a pie crust that is first rate, and it will be flaky if you follow her directions. 

The contest, ah yes, the contest. There are three food related questions. We will take all the emails we receive at midnight on January 13 and randomly select one, that winner will receive a copy of the foodwine list's first cookbook, a true wonder to read and even more delicious if you prepare some of the recipes.

Here are the three questions, in case they went by too fast on the foodcast.

1. What color of m&m has been repeatedly tried and rejected by consumers?

2. Where did the saying, "Don't upset the apple cart" originate?

3. In the year 408, the Visigoths attacked Rome and, as part of their demanded ransom, wanted what culinary item?

Email answers to foodcast@cyberfeasts.com by midnight, Eastern Time, on January 13 to be eligible to win the cookbook.

The wine song by Cloudstreet is a lot of fun, we thank them for permission to use it. Their music may be purchased at their web site, http://cloudstreet.customer.netspace.net.au/index.html

Once again, we thank each and every person who helped in producing this cast.

Hope all of you have a good 2007, in fact, better than 2006, even if that was good.

Dan Graham, host and bit bucket cleaner


Shownotes #8 - More Holiday Cheer

In this third holiday Cyber Feast Foodcast, and cyberfeast #8, we learn about a wonderful traditional Mexican Christmas Eve salad. This might be drunk with a hot cocoa drink.  To be truly authentic, make that hot cocoa with a bit of sugar, cornmeal, chile peppers and other savory and spicy ingredients.  If your hair isn't curly before you drink such, it just might be afterwards.

Tina bubbles into our cast with a wonderful piece about sparkling wines and Champagnes, running the range from highly affordable to slightly stratospheric.

Bob Pastorio teaches us how to make vinegars infused with flavors of all kinds.  These make wonderful Yule presents as well as being just plain delicious for anyone who loves to cook.

We also have an interview with Sam Messina, a friend of the host and a highly knowledgeable wine merchant North of Boston.

Of course, we have the food news with Anne Louise Bannon and a wonderful little wine short from Rob Wells.

Enjoy and spread the word.

...coming in January...

In a couple of foodcasts, we will be holding a contest, stay tuned for more details, and the prize, ah, the prize will be worth it.

Dan Graham

Host and vinegar checker


The Cyber Feast Foodcast, #7, Holiday Goodies and Cheer

There is so much to say about feasting, with food and good drinks this time of year, we just had to bring you an extra foodcast.

Both Tina and Penny bring us wine features on dessert wines and dry wines. Follow this link to Tina's notes.  Bob offers two wonderous eggnog recipes.

Karen brings us another prize winning cookie recipe. Now that she has appeared twice, I think we'll have to declare her a "regular" and have her back often.

Wendy has a fruitcake that will dispel all the bad stories about fruitcakes you have ever heard.

Terry talks about dry brining, how to get the effect of brining without the immersion necessary.

As always, so many help with this foodcast, thanks go out to each person and many unsung heroes.

Each person you heard on this foodcast is a member of the foodwine email list, a list that has been around for over 15 years and that has become quite a culinary community in and of itself. See the link for more information about the list and how to join if you are of a humor to do so...as Bob would say. [link]

Magnatune.com and ravenswood.org provided our holiday music, to them we are most grateful, without some music, the cast would be dull, no, it would be deadly dull. Besides, without music, you would hear more of me and you don't want that.

Remember, if you have questions, comments, ideas or just want to chat, use our email link and we will be delighted to respond to you.

A special thanks goes out to our wonderful web designer, Lyn, and to the kind hosters of our web site.

Stay tuned, more wonderful holiday food and drink next week.

Dan Graham

Host and pine needle counter

Cyberfeasts Foodcast #6

Show notes for Cyber Feast Foodcast #6, first holiday foodcast

We'll be doing two, maybe three holiday foodcasts, there are so many things we can talk about.  You will find information from Anne's food news at these sites:


The wonderful colonial gingerbread recipe was provided by a good foodwine member named Sulcus, he collects these things and we hope he shares with us once again.

Here is the recipe from Mary Ball Washington.

As usual, Tina's wine segment is superb, it is the first of two parts on dessert wines and the holidays.

Karen's cookie recipe has people practically committing homicide to get one, they are that good.

Bob never fails us and his hot drink recipes are excellent.  This is the first of two parts, next time, we'll have his eggnog recipes, don't miss them!

We thank magnatune.com for provision of music and my good friend Neal Ewers, ravenswood.com, for some of the delightful holiday music from one of his CDs, used by his kind permission.

Again, our thanks to each person who participated in the production of this foodcast.  Anyone want to guess who the lady who read Mary Ball Washington's gingerbread recipe is?  No, it was not Grandmother Washington, herself, though we did ask...

Dan Graham

Host and bit scrubber

Cyberfeasts Foodcast #5

Cyber Feast Foodcast #5, the second Thanksgiving cast

We had too much wonderful material to produce just one foodcast for Thanksgiving, so we have two, this is the second one.

In it you will find some wonderful things like a terrific cranberry pie recipe that follows an interview with the Cape Cod Cranberry Grower's Association, a piece telling us the "truth" about the first Thanksgiving and a wonderful wines for Thanksgiving piece by Tina, one of our resident wine experts.

There is also a bit of an interview that our food news reporter, Anne Louise Bannon had with noted food author and scientist, Shirley Corriher.

Of course, Rob also brings us another Wine Short, a brief explanation of a wine term.

We at the Cyber Feast Foodcast sincerely wish you a Thanksgiving full of good food, good wine, but most of all, good friends and family.

Dan Graham
wine taster and silver polisher


Cyberfeasts Foodcast #4

Anne Louise Bannon, Dan Graham, and Bob Pastorio - more tips, recipes and reflections from the latest foodcast. Brining? And of course, there are Rob Wells' Wine Shorts. Tune in!

Dan says: This is the first of 2 Thanksgiving foodcasts, just too much good stuff for one, including these great recipes for
Terry's Make Ahead Turkey Gravy  and Wendy's Sweet Potatoes with Ginger.

All the voices you heard on this week's foodcast are members of the foodwine list, an email list that has been around for many years. You can find subscription information here:
Foodwine List

Thanks for listening,

Cyberfeasts Foodcast #3

As we can all hear, Anne Louise Bannon has her voice back, having escaped the depredations of the cold she had in the previous foodcast.

Bob Pastorio introduces the "Anything Goes" series with Cream of Anything Soup.

Penny, the Mustang winemaker talks about wines to go with the various kinds of cream soups one might create using the "Anything" recipe.

Terry provides a wonderful picture of a dinner party that is both elegant and simple, here is one of the recipes for the foods she describes: Gorgonzola, Grape And Nut Crostini

Other Recipes from Terry from that Foodcast:
Goat Cheese, Asian Pear, And Baby Greens In Sherry Dijon Vinaigrette

Basil Crusted Veal Chops
Wildly Inauthentic Crustless Potato Knishes
Broccoli Trees with Parmesan And Lemon
Coeur A La Creme With Raspberry And Grand Marnier Sauce

Penny, didn't we hear from her before? Anyway, Penny talks about the use of barrels in winemaking from the winemaker's perspective. Did we mention that Penny is a winemaker? Well, she is.

Huge Harry, our mechanical reporter had a digital cough this time and could not be with us.

We wish to thank those who provided royalty free music for the Cyber Feast Foodcast. This time, they included John Williams, The Brook Street Band and Shiva in Exile. All were provided by the kindness of magnatune.com, the home of good music where artists are not ripped off.

The slight background sound effects were provided by Mother Nature, due to a ferocious windstorm raging in New England when the live parts were recorded.

Don't forget, good food, good wine and good friends are among the finest pleasures life has to offer.

Dan Graham
Host and janitor


Cyberfeasts Foodcast #2

Foods of Fall

We interview two people from New England, one owns a farm that grows apples and pumpkins, the other owns a wine shop and is considered an expert in enology.

Ramesh shares his thoughts on wine barrels with us, how important they are.

Lyn brings us a most wonderful recipe for a pumpkin soup with Mexican crema and toasted pepitos

And, Penny gives wine suggestions for this wonderful soup.

Huge Harry makes another appearance. He is our mechanical reporter with a fondness for food related humor.

Listen and enjoy with a glass of your favorite beverage and a plate of some delicious munchable...and of course, good friends should be present, too.

Dan Graham, host and electron pusher



Cyberfeasts Foodcast #1

The Food and Drug Administration may be contacted to view potential alerts like the spinach alert at fda.gov.

The echo in Blake Olsen's wine piece was because he was speaking from the dim and distant recesses of his wine cellar.

The Big Green Egg web site is biggreenegg.com, though many dealers carry it, try a Google to find one near you.

The kind folks at Soup Base, may be contacted at soupbase.com, or 1-800-TASTEBUD.

Huge Harry is a talking computer with a definite mind of his own and strong opinions on all matters related to food and drink.

The Paul Lawler music, Throw it on the Barbey is on his album of all food related songs and may be purchased at peculiarhand.com.

Happy food, happy drink, happy friends,

Dan Graham, Cyber Feast Foodcast host and janitor